Latest Promotions

Promotion Image Pick and Mix Alternative from Bonds

Are you missing out on Pick & Mix sales? We have the perfect solution for you!

These prepacked pick and mix cups can help maintain those sales.

Gainsmore members benefit from an additional 5% off their statement for all of Bonds range.

Promotion Image April Consort Promotions

During these unprecedented times we wanted our customers to know what we, at Consort, are planning regarding business continuity and our ambition of service and supply. It’s important to highlight that Consort has every intention to continue to supply our customer base, especially at this time where we believe we are going to see an increased demand for frozen food.

We are building a plan to ensure continuity of service, looking at every eventuality. This includes our sales / office and admin staff being available to support our logistics team. Fortunately, at Consort we have a very experienced and supportive staff base that over the years, have learnt many different roles, and thus can be flexible in times of high demand...

Promotion Image April Promotions from AG Barr

There are loads of reasons to buy from AG Barr directly. Here are a few:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Yearly retailer rewards scheme - My Barr Rewards
  • Digital Platform - myPopShop
  • Free delivery direct to your door
  • Low 10 case Minimum drop
  • Up to 7 weeks credit through Gainsmore
  • Enhanced discounts for Gainsmore Members

Oh and a comprehensive program of bespoke promotions like these for April!

Promotion Image Special Retail Promo from Delice De France

While we are still going through this very uncertain period and stock levels across the multiples are still struggling to catch up, our stores are in demand as much as ever right now.

With this in mind, Delice de France would like to make you aware that we still have very good stock levels, across a wide range of products, that are available for you and your stores if you need them.

Promotion Image Quality Produce from Pensworth

Gainsmore milk supplier Pensworth reminds us that they do a lot more than just milk.

With a low minimum drop (£75pw) Gainsmore members benefit from special prices from this high quality regional supplier.

Promotion Image Club Toy 2020 Catalogue

Club Group members, including Williams of Swansea and Kardwell Ditribution have a regular round of seasonal catalogues and their Toys 2020 is now available.

While many of these promoted lines don't attract any extra discount from Gainsmore but their regular lines see a 10% discount for our members on toys.

Promotion Image Media Depot to Supply Gainsmore

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Media Depot as a Gainsmore supplier of tech accessories to our members.

Gainsmore members will benefit from a 10% off invoice discount.


Promotion Image Easter From Card Connection

Easter Looks bright with Card Connections 2020 Easter card range.
Gainsmore members benefit from a thumping 15% discount of the trade price of cards!