Latest Promotions

Promotion Image Month you were Born Cards from Cherry Orchard

Popular greetings card publisher Cherry Orchard have another new range out.

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Promotion Image Seasonal Promotions from Williams

Club Group wholesaler Williams of Swansea have issued a number of seasonal catalogues.

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Promotion Image Barrs October Promotions

Delivering their own popular drinks brands saves you the backache of picking them up at the cash & carry!

Gainsmore members already benefit from a 40 outer rate (approx. 3.5% saving on smaller orders) as well as the usual convenience of up to 7 weeks of credit and a single simple monthly payment.

Promotion Image Post and Pack from Kardwell Hobbs

Club Group wholesaler Kardwell Hobbs has released its annual Post and Pack promotion that will run right up to the end of the year.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks of credit on all their orders! Buy early in the month to make the most of your account!

Promotion Image Biggest Everyday Launch of the Year from Ling

Purveyors of beautiful high quality cards, Ling Design announce their biggest launch of Everyday Cards of the year.

Gainsmore members benefit from a 10% discount off invoice when they buy through the group.

Promotion Image October from Consort

That's summer done with.  There are still however plenty of reasons for running an account with Consort.

Check out their great promotions for October. Buy in the early month and get almost 7 weeks of credit through your Gainsmore account (and some splendid discounts!)

Promotion Image Connect with Christmas

Card Connection, purveyors of consignment greetings cards to the independent sector entreat you to prepare for Christmas.

Gainsmore members benefit from extended credit and 15% off wholesale prices.