About Us

www.gainsmore.co.uk is a portal for the independent retailer. There is no other single resource available on the internet that enables the independent retailer to review supplier offerings, contact those suppliers or pay for repeat supply of goods for re-sale.

You will have full access to your own online trading account.

Gainsmore is also known to many as a traditional buying group based in South Wales which has grown to include members from FRG (based in south east England) and Newspower (Southern Scotland) and Ideal (East Anglia) each with over thirty years experience in the market.

Between them, these four groups have well over 1000 members buying regularly and give Gainsmore a truly national presence.

Gainsmore.co.uk is also a direct descendent of IndependentBuyer.net which was the brainchild of Patrick Walkington BSc MBA who has previously, for 8 years run the UK’s largest buying group for the independent retailer.