Member Benefits

  • Do you hate paperwork ?
  • Do you like to keep on top of the latest industry news?
  • Do you want to be amongst the first to hear about the latest promotions?
  • Would you welcome a “direct online communication” opportunity with your chosen suppliers?
  • How about making your accounting procedures even simpler?

The web site is the most technologically advanced accounting and communications system designed solely with the Independent retailer in mind.

So, why not register today and:

  • start saving time?
  • start saving money?
  • start saving on your paperwork?

Once registration is approved and your membership number is confirmed you can begin to streamline your administration with the following benefits.

Buying Group Benefits

A few considerations:

  • If you are currently “trading direct” with all your suppliers you will be paying each account individually. By joining Gainsmore, you will be asked to make one monthly payment – by direct debit.
  • Therefore you will make only 12 payments per year – how many are you making now and what is the cost of making these payments?
  • Imagine – currently you might be using 10 suppliers from our list – how much easier it would be to use one central accounting programme to process your payments and give you direct access to ask any questions as they arise?
  • Gainsmore encourage direct communication from our listed supplier/manufacturers offering an opportunity that doesn’t currently exist.

At Gainsmore offer all the traditional benefits associated with a buying group including:

  • Improved Margins - through our advantageous terms.
  • Extended credit - with our Monthly account facility.
  • Reduced Bank Charges – with one statement – one payment.
  • Reduced administration – only 12 payments per year makes your accounting and administration easier.
  • Independent business advice.

Unique benefits of (NO other buying group does this)

And yet Gainsmore on-line membership offers you much more……………………… Being a web based programme you will be able to access “my gainsmore” at a time convenient to you - 24/7 if you wish!

You will be able to:

  • fully control your own “trading account.” – much as you might your own bank account.
  • view your own “trading account” and keep track of all your invoices in a safe environment.
  • resolve any queries that you may have directly with your supplier.
  • query an invoice. then place the queried invoice “on hold” and “release” for payment when any issues raised are resolved.
  • access your payment history.
  • request a call from your chosen suppliers.
  • access an automatic audit trail of all your enquiries and keep track of all responses.
  • have the opportunity for instant feedback / query resolution etc.
  • have access to up to the minute promotions .
  • have access to all the latest Industry News – all in one place!
  • a whole host of links to web resources for the independent retailer

If you are not currently taking advantage of a Buying Group membership then why not consider what advantages might offer you? Joining is easy – just follow this link and register now

What you can see and when

The following table shows which parts of the web site are available to you depending on what stage you are at.  We have split it up into three stages as follows:

  1. Not signed up/Not logged in
  2. Signed up, Logged in awaiting credit clearance
  3. Signed up, membership number confirmed
  Sign up Stage
Retail Member Web site function 1 2 3
View about us a a a
View FAQ's a a a
View Sign Up a a a
View Categories (1st page) a a a
View Categories Supplier pages  (2nd page - eg click "Milk") a a a
View Categories Supplier Terms (3rd page - eg click "Dairy Crest") r a a
View Categories Contact Supplier  (4th page - eg click "Make an enquiry") r a* a
View News list a a a
View News item (1st page) r a a
View promo list (should now just show company name) a a a
View promo item (1st page) r a a
View promo  (2nd page)  "access organisations website"  r a a
Category main page a a a
Trading functions r r a
Search Site r a a
Contact us a a a

*Yes, but held