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Fathers Day from Card Connection

Consignment greetings card operator Card Connection has got your Fathers Day card requirements covered.

Gainsmore members benefit from 17% off the wholesale price.

And not only do you only pay for what you have sold, you pay for it up to 7 weeks later with Gainsmore.


Who can believe it's less than two months until Father's day 2024?

The best Dads deserve the very best Fathers Day cards, so Card Connection are here to make sure they get them!

They have 36 new Father's day designs for 2024 offering something for everyone along with a choice of display units FREE on loan.

As ever they offer eye-catching giftwrap as will as gift and bottle bags to encourage linked purchases in store.

Click on the pic to see it in full size or follow the link below to have Card Connection get in touch with you.

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