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Soft Naans from Warburtons

Warburtons, Britain's biggest bakery brand, have added packs of 4 Soft Naans to their range.

Place your orders through Gainsmore for up to 7 weeks of credit (average 5 weeks) as well as great discounts not available to an independent customer.

A versatile snack that can be heated in a toaster, this mouth-watering addition to the Warburtons range brings a toastable twist on the much-loved traditional Indian bread.

With their fluffy, oven baked texture and fragrant kalonji seeds, Warburtons Soft Naans are the perfect accompaniment to elevate any meal. They are delicious paired with your favourite curry or kebab or can be relished as a delightfully tasty snack, with any filling your heart desires!

Add these to your bread range and and watch those incremental sales roll (or is that naan?) in!

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