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Gift Bags from Card Connection

Consignment greetings card operator Card Connection has a great range of Gift Bags to maximise additional sales that go along with birthday cards and the like.

Gainsmore members benefit from an additional 2.5% discount bringing them up to 17.5% off the wholesale price.

And not only do you only pay for what you have sold, you pay for it up to 7 weeks later with Gainsmore.

Whether it’s a celebration of a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby or exam congratulations there is always a high demand for gift and bottle bags which can help maximise in-store sales of key present items such as wine and chocolates. 

Combined with our wide range of greeting cards, their gift bags and tissue paper offering can ensure your customers have everything they need in one place to complete all their gifting purchases. 

There is a balanced selection of designs to suit all tastes and occasions as well as tissue paper to help your customers present their gifts beautifully.

Follow the link below to have Card Connection get in touch with you.

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