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Pix & Pagels from Carte Blanche

Leading Greetings Card publisher Carte Blanche is releasing a brand new range of cards in their Blue Mountain Arts range.

The Pix and Pagels range is one of many available to Gainsmore members at beneficial terms and with up to 7 weeks of extended credit.

Introducing our NEW range of Blue Mountain Arts sentiment greetings cards and wallet cards featuring heart felt poetry targeting life's most important people and events.

With words from best-selling author Douglas Pagels, whole books have sold over 3.5 million copies, this beautiful photographic range features colourful photographs both inside and out.

Launching for the first time in the UK, Pix & Pagels has already enjoyed unprecedented response in the USA, targeting a millenial audience for an incremental sales opportunity.

Click on the image to go to the Carte Blanche Trade site of follow the link below to start trading with Carte Blanche through your Gainsmore account.

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