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New PMP from Warburtons

It isn't surprising that Warburtons, the UK's No 1 Bakery Brand, are relaunching their PMP range when 3 in 5 consumers believe PMP offer better value for money.

Their full range of bread products can make a huge difference to your convenience offering and if you buy through Gainsmore, you have on average 5 weeks of credit and only one simple payment per month.

Warburtons launch three new price marked products:

  • 800g Wholemeal loaf - PMP £1.15. High in fibre and with no added sugar.
  • 6 pack of Crumpets - PMP 99p . A highly impulsive product with ability to drive incremental sales.
  • 800g Medium sliced Half & Half.  A third of your daily Vitamin D in just 2 slices

If you need them, here are 5 reasons why you should stock up on PMP:

  1. Impulse is at the centre of convenience and independent shopping, and price-marking suits that demand
  2. 80% of shoppers are actively looking for PMP’s
  3. 76% of shoppers said PMP’s improve their impressions of the stores value
  4. Price-marked packs will be key in retaining some of the additional business independent retailers saw during lockdown
  5. 3 in 5 consumers believe PMP offer better value for money

To see the full presentation, click on the image or if you would like Warburtons to get in touch with you asap, follow the link below.

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