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Multi-Caption from Card Connection

Consignment greetings card operator Card Connection has a great innovation for you.

Gainsmore members benefit from an additional 2.5% discount bringing them up to 17.5% off the wholesale price.

And not only do you only pay for what you have sold, you pay for it up to 7 weeks later with Gainsmore.

Card Connection are very excited to share details of a new card style that will be available from next spring in the form of multi-caption designs. The attached flyer showcases one of new Mother’s Day cards and also our Valentine’s Day design which can be personalised as required by your customers. The designs will be included as part of the seasonal Floor Display units and we will also be producing a new ‘Personalise Me’ wobbler which our franchisees can place on the display stand to help promote the cards.

With 14 different captions available with each design these are likely to be very popular so we hope you and your stores can maximise sales with this brand new product from Card Connection. 

Click on the pic to see the flyer or follow the link below to have Card Connection get in touch with you.

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