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April Promos from AG Barr

There are loads of reasons to buy from AG Barr directly. Here are a few:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Yearly retailer rewards scheme - My Barr Rewards
  • Digital Platform - myPopShop
  • Free delivery direct to your door
  • Low 10 case Minimum drop
  • Enhanced discounts for Gainsmore Members

And Gainsmore members ordering now have up to 7 weeks of credit when buying these promotions with payment due on 20th May 2021.

These promotions aren't available at the Cash & Carry and what's more AG Barr deliver them to your shop for you!

There are only 2 pages of offers but the minimum drop is a tiny 10 cases is easily covered just by buying these promos

Featured brands include:

  • Irn Bru Energy 330Ml PET £0.89/£0.99 PMP
  • 330ML PMP 69p buy 2 cases for £16 -42% POR
  • 33ml Barr Family range. Buy 2 case for £11- 44% POR.
  • 1L KA tetrapak PMP £1.19/£2 for £2 - buy 2 cases for £14!
Follow the link below to have Barrs get in touch with you and click the pic to see the full promotions.

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