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Staycation Essentials from WIlliams

It looks like a lot of Brits will be spending their cash, hoarded in lock down, on a holiday in the UK. To help you part them with a few of those funds, Williams have launched a Staycation Essentials Catalogue.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks of credit and competitive discounts on certain lines.

This is your opportunity to ;top up on all the stuff mum and dad forgot to bring because it's so long since they didn't get on a plane.

This Williams catalogue makes for an easy aide memoire for you to ensure that those families don't go without.

All in brilliant, happy, summer colours (which will liven up any shop), this catalogue includes:

  • Buckets and Spades
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Water Pistols
  • Footballs, boules, frisbees etc
  • travel board games (should the weather be less kind!)

Click on the pic to see the full catalogue or follow the link below to have WIlliams get in touch with you as soon as possible

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