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Williams Winter Sale

Williams of Swansea are midway through their Winter Sale.

Gainsmore members benefit from the convenience of a single monthly statement as well as an average of 5 weeks of credit!

Williams offer you the opportunity to woo your customers with some seasonal bargains. 

All these lines are reporting bumper sales in lockdown including:

  • Disposable masks
  • Pens
  • Notebooks galore
  • Writing pads
  • Drawing Paper
  • Glues and sticky tape
  • Household cleaning products

While on the topic of cleaning, did you know Williams do a full range of janitorial products for your shop? Check out their Brochure.

Click on the image to see the the full Winter Sale 2021 brochure and follow the link below to have Williams get in touch with you.

Click here for more information

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