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October Offers from Hunts!

All across the south west of the UK, Hunts are the go-to purveyor of Frozen Foods. They do, however, do much more and their October promotional offers cover the entire range.

Gainsmore members get preferential rates across much of the range as well as 

As the summer becomes but a memory the food offering changes and the offers from Hunts reflect this. The 28 pages of offers include:

  • All the major impulse Ice Cream ranges
  • Take home Ice Cream from the likes of Northern Bloc, Roskilly and Kelly's of Cornwall
  • Freezer deals and frozen food
  • Snacks from Mrs Filberts and crisps Pipers as well as Burts
  • Fresh meat from Jon Thorners and their new Fresh Fish range!

See the full brochure by clicking on the image and , to have Hunts contact you, follow the link below.

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