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Consort August Promotions

Consort Frozen Foods August offers are now available on the web.

Make use of these promotions - especially the multi-buys - and you will be beating the cash & carry on price and getting up to 7 weeks of credit so you can sell them before you pay for them!

Consort Frozen foods is the go-to supplier of frozen food and ice cream in the south east. They sport a huge range of products including all the major brands and offer an enviable level of availability

The August Brochure is packed full of promotions from almost every conceivable major supplier in their category.

Particularly of note this month are:

  • Haagen Dazs at £17.45!! Last time this year!!!
  • Buy 1 get 1 free on Mars NPD

Other promotions include:

  • Two Froneri Ice Cream multibuys
  • Mars BOGOF
  • Bidseye Meat Free - win an Electric Scooter worth over £400
  • Freezers of every hue imaginable with free stock! (well 6 pages of them anyway!)

To see the full brochure, click on the image or follow the link below to have Consort get in touch with you asap!

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