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Club Group Send the Kids Back to School

One of the regular annual promotions run by the Club Group wholesalers, Study Time seems a bit odd this year, but nonetheless it would seem prudent to be prepared. One way or another parents and kids will still need to stock up on the necessary supplies.

Order in the first week of August and you won't need to pay until mid September with your Gainsmore account!

There are several Club Group wholesalers available through the Gainsmore scheme and all of them will be running a version of this promotion.

Be it notebooks or pens, set-squares or Sellotape, now is the time to check your stock and make sure you have what they need. These promotional prices will give you the margins you need to make the most of this opportunity.

Click on the image to see the full brochure (this one is from Williams of Swansea) and get in touch with your rep/telesales or use the online facilities to order from your local Club Group supplier.

If you haven't got a regular stationery/toy supplier and want one to get in touch with you, choose from the following and make the most of your FREE Gainsmore account:

Follow the link below to see the whole brochure

Click here for more information

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