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Milk Alternatives from Pensworth

Milk and Dairy product supplier to Gainsmore, Pensworth, don't just do the usual milk, bread and maybe eggs. Far from it! Their ever-growing range now includes some of the most on-trend products available.

Along with great prices for your standard dairy produce, using Pensworth through Gainsmore means you can wow a roader range of customers and benefit from up to 7 weeks of credit!

Pensworth are constantly looking at ways to improve their product offering to your customers, and have introduced a new brand of Oat Drink – Glebe Farm.  Over recent weeks they have trialed this product with several different foodservice customers, from coffee shops to canteens, and the response has been incredibly positive, so they have taken the decision to introduce this brand across their whole business.

The main advantages of this product compared to the other major brands in the market are;

  • It is gluten Free
  • It is NOT made from concentrate.
  • It is 100% made from British Oats.
  • In addition, the only added ingredients are sunflower oil and salt!

Glebe Farm Oat Drink is ideal for Barista Coffee, it froths in seconds and is great tasting.

Product code 1164 - Packed in 10’s. Cost £1.53

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