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January From Consort

Ice Cream and Frozen Food supplier, Consort launch the new year with an extensive promotional program.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks credit (if you order this week) and great discounts off the full price items in any of these promotions!

What better way to start 2020 than with fantastic new deals? Check out some of these:

  • Chicago Town and Ristaraunte Pizza Deals (pages 4 and 5). Particularly ace as you'll get 10% off the one you buy through Gainsmore!
  • A Super Season Starter deal from Walls Ice Cream where you buy 8 and get 3 free! Again the Gainsmore discount of 17% (off the 8 cases) means you shouldn't think about filling up that Ice Cream freezer before you have got your Consort account running through Gainsmore!

Click on the image to see the full range of offers and follow the link below to have Consort get in touch with you already!

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