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Barrs first for 2020

Another year and another selection of keenly priced promotions delivered directly to your door saving you money and saving you from a bad back!

Gainsmore members save around 3.5% compared to a pure independent!

These promotions aren't available at the Cash & Carry and what's more they deliver them to your shop for you!

There are 8 pages of offers covering a huge part of their range and the minimum drop is a tiny 10 cases!

Featured brands include:

  • Barr Family cans and PETS of all sizes
  • Rock Star Energy Drinks
  • Spiced Ginger IRN Bru for Crimbo!
  • Rubicon, Ka and Sun Exotic
  • Strathmore Water

There are more, but why not click on the image for the full pdf of the promotions

Follow the link below to have Barrs get in touch with you.

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