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October from Consort

That's summer done with.  There are still however plenty of reasons for running an account with Consort.

Check out their great promotions for October. Buy in the early month and get almost 7 weeks of credit through your Gainsmore account (and some splendid discounts!)

As ever, the brochure is packed full of great offers slanted toward the coming month.

This time of year, things move toward roast dinners and take home ice cream.

Check out pages 8 and 9 for a wide range of high margin frozen veg ready for every cooks' Sunday duties.

For the take home treat to round off the meal, go no further than page 10 to see the thumping deal on Magnum Multipacks - go on, help yourselves to a 60% POR. It'll be a treat!

Click on the image to download the whole brochure or follow the link below to have Consort get in touch with you asap.

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